The Museum of Watercolor is a public collection of watercolors created in 1989 with the donation by the artist J. Martinez Lozano one hundred watercolors Llançà. 
City Council launches of gratitude to all the cultural contribution over so many years, and also thanks to the donation of works by the artist created the Museum • Watercolor - J. Martinez Lozano to record the present and the future of his work and his nom.
La will of the founder José María Martínez Lozano, in the time of the donation is to provide a unique artistic heritage spears up in Europe at the time and therefore granted Llançà and watercolor symbiotic order to promote and give importance and prestige they deserve both parts.
Currently Watercolour Museum has 193 watercolors in its collection, the collection is a little bigger each year as a result of donations and purchases that are made in order to further enhance this sanctuary of watercolor la.Les end of Museum Watercolour:
• To protect the good name and work of its founder J. Martinez Lozano
• Disseminate and promote their art collection as well as all the artists
• Promote and protect the art of watercolor painting
• Enhance Watercolor Museum as one of the most important cultural and tourism assets in the municipality.




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La Diputació de Girona ha concedit 1.153,84€ al Museu de l'Aquarel·la - J. Martínez Lozano.

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